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JBI Interiors is a luxury interior design firm with a passion for creating trend-forward and timeless interiors. With an extensive background in interior design, space planning, and construction, JBI offers a mindful and collaborative approach to each project.

The extraordinary lifestyle & Amenities

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Radio Rooftop Bar

Event Space

Spa & Wellness


Hotel in Residence

Mercury House

Entertainment Arena


Food & Drink

Meet the Team

JBI Interiors offers a modern, timeless take on interior spaces. We believe that a smooth professional project experience is as important to our busy clients as an excellent design aesthetic. A home should be happy, relaxing, and unique, but also maintain a sophisticated and luxurious feeling that is uniquely curated for each client.
Our team works with clients throughout coastal Southern New Jersey and surrounding areas to ensure each client’s passions, interests, and heirlooms are reflected in the client’s space – telling each client’s unique story. Since 2013, JBI’s business runs on word-of-mouth referrals and repeat clients including local builders, architects and contractors.

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